Roof Maintenance Check

A regular maintenance check will avoid or reduce damage to your home

We are able to carry out an inspection of your roof and repair any minor problems detected, before they have a chance to cause further damage. If you require more extensive work, we will supply you with a free* quote for this additional work.

There are some common problems, which our staff can detect with an inspection

Common Problems

Vent Pipes or Flues: The lead can expire, requiring a new flashing and/or aqua seal.
Flashings or Ridge Problems: Joins can separate. Need to be resealed or refixed using appropriate roofing screws.
Valleys: Rusty or blocked valleys, which allow water to build up. Will need debris cleared out, or rusty valley replaced.
Ridging: Ends of the iron under the ridge can rust. Ridge needs to be removed and problems repaired.
Rusty Nails: Usually where the lead from the original lead head nails have popped off. Often requires a full or partial replacement with the appropriate roofing screws.
Loose Iron or Loose Nails: Allows water to enter. Often needs refixing with appropriate roofing screws.
Rusty or Corroded Roofing Iron: Could be a small section, i.e. around chimney, or an extensive problem over a wider area of roof. This could indicate a re-roof is needed.
Clearlite Sheets: Can get old and brittle. Will need replacing.
Gutter and Downpipe Blockages: Filled with debris, needs cleaning out.

We can supply you with a free* quote to repair any problems we find


An inspection may reveal that your roof is in poor condition and a re-roof is required.
We are able to supply you with a free*, no obligation quote. This allows you to decide what materials you wish to use to re-roof your home, along with a price so you will know the cost involved.

Other Products And Services

Gutter Systems: When replacing your roof it is often a good time to consider replacing the gutter at the same time. It is more cost effective on labour and will save you delivery costs. You may also find that a gutter that looked satisfactory on an older roof may look unattractive in contrast to a new roof.

* Conditions apply to the free quote offer